Be “You-nique”!

Find peace and the life-force of love by taking the time to
go within, listen to Divine guidance – your intuition – and
act upon it. Follow your intuition as much as possible in
your life. Learn to ask for what you want, and – more
importantly – focus your time and energies on giving of
yourself, from your heart, to anyone you can possibly touch
in this lifetime.

The “secrets” to a most successful life are already within
you. All you have to do is extend your hand, and go within
yourself as deeply as you can, and learn how to ask for what
you want from the overflowing abundance of the Universe.
Find clarity in what you truly desire – know precisely what
you want, why you want it, and how it would FEEL to have it,
be it, do it.

No matter what is going on in your life at any given moment,
when someone needs your love and positive energy, take the
time – right now – to give it to them … unconditionally.
And do so without ever expecting anything from them in
return. The Universe – your Higher Power – WILL return that
loving and giving to you. At the same time, you set yourself
apart from the crowd … you show others how

Tips to Choose Best Life Insurance in Texas

That’s why life insurance companies are out in the world to insure our lives. If you have decided to buy life insurance in Texas,Guest Posting the moment you start your research, you will be flooded by thousands of life insurance policies. There are so many options available that it will make your head spin.

So, how to choose the right life insurance policy? Here are the few tips to choose the best life insurance policy.

Determine your Needs

First of all, decide whether you really need life insurance or not. If you do not have any dependent family members, for whom you need life insurance? On the other hand, if your family depends on your salary, then definitely you need a life insurance policy. Once you have decided that you need a life insurance policy, other factors to be considered are coverage amount, monthly income, lifestyle, debt and stability of the job. After determ

The Metaphysical View of Death and Life After Death Part 1

Humanity throughout the ages have seen death as something loathsome and gruesome; something dreadful,Guest Posting something preferable to avoid at all cost–that is, if a choice were given–but without any other option, are forced to succumb for lack of any power over its occurrence. Anticipating the termination of life at an unexpected moment and the possible prospect of annihilation of self-identity, humanity views death as a state or condition to be feared. This fear is sustained when all around, most of the dying are seen to seemingly suffer in anguish and in agony in the death process. The fear of death is actually man’s fear of the unknown, and it indicates man’s bondage to his ignorance which ultimately grows into superstitious expressions. Because of the underlying fear, man attempts laboriously to postpone death through medicine and other means; medical science has, however, not yet found a way to prolong life indefinitely–or to ease one’s fears, to offer solace, or to answer profound questions regarding this ancient mystery. Knowing the true nature of death releases man from his bondage to his fears and to the clinging of his varied superstitions pertaining to it. Such knowledge based upon personal experience may be acquired–beliefs to the contrary places an illusory boundary upon the unfolding soul. Alice Bailey, writing for the Tibetan in “A Treatise on White Magic,” refers to man’s fears regarding death:

“The mind of man is so little developed that fear of the unknown, terrors of the unfamiliar, and attachment to form have brought a situation where one of the most beneficent occurrences in the life cycle of an incarnating Son of God is looked upon as something to be avoided and postponed for as long a time as possible.” (1972:494)

We can see from her statement that one of the factors that causes man to struggle against death, is the attachment to form. The identification of the Self with the

The Superman Syndrome

I just got back from a business trip to the East Coast.
While I was away several hundred email messages accumulated,
in addition to a tall stack of postal mail and a full voice
mail box. Had I been here to respond to all of it as it came
in,Guest Posting I would have spent much more time doing so. When faced
with the massive volume, I became much more efficient. I
asked myself, “What’s most important?” And my clarity and
focus were much sharper as a result. When I returned from my
trip, what I really wanted was to spend time with my
family… not with my email, inbox, or telephone. With great
clarity and intent, I deleted much of my email without even
reading it.

While on my trip I came across a book titled, “The Superman
Syndrome: Why the Information Age Threatens Your Future and
What You Can Do About It,” by Robert Kamm. In his book, Kamm
notes that Americans are working an average of six weeks to
three months more per year than they did just a decade ago.
Additionally, more than 70% of people in offices work
weekends and more than 70% of American parents feel they
don’t spend enough time with their kids. Kamm says that the
Superman Syndrome is characterized by an inability or
unwillingness to throw the off-switch… whether on a cell
phone, the computer, or in our own brains. We are the most
distracted generation in the history of the human race. And
distracted people make for distracted and unavailable
parents — perhaps one of the biggest threats our growing
generation faces in the 21st Century.

Clients often come to me feeling overwhelmed. They want more
control and balance in their lives. I explain that the
control comes from within. Shedding the Superman

I’ve Learned

Therefore “Live each day as if it were your last.” I know that this is an overused clich but it is true. You should try and live the most fulfilling life that you can and take chances. What is life without chances? Many issues have came up over the last few years and one thing I have learned is that you should never miss a chance to tell people that you love them. They can be taken from you in a blink of an eye. Don’t put off until tomorrow what you do today. Don’t wait until you are standing at the foot of a grave to honor someone. Pick up the phone today and call them just to say,Guest Posting ” I love you.”

In life know who your good friends are and work hard at maintaining those meaningful friendships. It is true what they say “keep your friends close but your enemies closer” Over the past year I learned that when the going gets tough your friends are the ones who get going. They turn their back and walk away. What happen to being there for someone in both good times and in bad?

I asked a panel of men , women and children between the ages of 11 and 60 to finish the following sentence. ” I’ve learned…”

Lets look at what they’ve learned.

I’ve learned- that no matter how much you try to prepare yourself for the death of a loved one you are never truly prepared. Rose DesRochers Age 36

I’ve learned that I must follow my own heart. – Sally age 47

I have learned that whatever road of your life gets broken you can carry on, whatever bridge is shattered the river still flows, whatever dream is destroyed you can make a new one and as long as your children are ok nothing else really matters
Bryan age 46

Life Insurance Advice – Is It Necessary

What is Life Insurance

Life cover is an insurance product which provides a cash sum if the life assured were to suffer loss of life. The insurance can be taken on a single life assured or joint life assured basis. The policy owner must pay regular premiums to the insurer. Unlike home or car insurance the policy owner is not taking out cover to protect a known valuable of tangible value. Rather the policy owner is protecting the family,Guest Posting mortgage or dependents from the consequences of the life assured suffering death. There are many variations of life insurance/life assurance, each having an alternative purposes for use.

Level term insurance
Reducing term insurance
Whole of life
Term insurance

A type of life insurance were the policy owner receives cover from the insurance provider on the life assured for a specified number of years. The minimum term is usually 5 years, the policy owner can choose a term to suit his/her requirements but typically 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 year terms are chosen.
Level term insurance

Level term insurance is taken out for a fixed amount of cover say £100,000. This amount remains constant at £100,000 throughout the term of the policy. Therefore if the life assured were to suffer loss of life the payout would be the full amount of £100,000.
Reducing term insurance

Reducing term insurance is taken out with an initial amount of cover say £200,000. The cover amount reduces to £0 over the full term of the policy. This type of cover is an ideal protection for a capital and interest repayment mortgage. If the life assured were to suff

Loan Products To Finance Fertility Treatments

Having kids is a big big thing in a person’s life. Planned or just as a surprise,Guest Posting a baby coming into our lives is always a motive of happiness.Due to many internal and or external factors such as having a stressful life many couples find very difficult to have that baby. With medicine technologies’ advances, having fertility issues is not an impossibility to achieve the pregnancy dream.Fertility treatments costs can be high, but they are usually worth it. We must say usually, because most of fertility treatments are successfully, but since every single person is a special case, results can not be assured before passing through the treatment.Many people have to pass through more than one treatment to get the desired results, this is because not every treatment works the same for every one.There are many options in fertility treatments. The idea is to talk to a specialist to explain you every method and give you an idea of which of these options are suitable for you. With all the options in your hands, it is up to you making the final decision.Getting FinancedAs we have already said, fertility treatments may be expensive, and if you want to get the best that medicine has to offer

it can be even more than expensive. Using your savings to pay for one of those treatments is an option, but specially in this case, using all the money that you have saved to cover any emergency does not sound very good. If the treatments are successfully you will be expecting a baby and having no money for emergencies is definitely not a good idea. There also exists the possibility of getting financed. Fertility treatments as many other medical procedures are considered for lenders into a special kind of personal loan.You will have to do an exhaustive search for your lender. This is not because finding finance is going to be difficult, it is just that you will find many options and, since we are talking about borrowing money for an important and special situation, finding a good deal will give you the tranquility enough to pass through that situation and do not have to worry about anything else.Different Loan Kinds To Finance Your Fertility TreatmentsMedical treatment loans are a special branch of personal loans. They offer many benefits for the borrower, such as lower rates and repayment terms up to five years, the offered amounts are between $1,000 and $25,000.Some lenders may also offer non interest repayment programs if you happen to choose a repayment term for up to six months.If you are needing a higher amount of money or you would like a longer repayment term, you can also resort to regular personal loans, in both, secured and unsecured ways. Secured loans will grant you lower rates but you will have to present an item as a collateral such as a h

Increasing fertility levels after miscarriage

There may be an improvement of fertility after miscarriage. It has been proved scientifically that the fertility of a woman is less for two months after miscarriages. After that all the things return back to normal.

1 – Early miscarriage

Many a times,Guest Posting a woman is not aware of the causes of early miscarriages. Typically, the occurrence of miscarriage is found during 12 weeks of the abnormalities of the chromosomes. There is no detection of a specific reason. Thus, the woman is not able to carry the pregnancy. However, there are many cases where the occurrence of miscarriages is found due to various health issues. The reproductive system of the woman may be affected.

2 – Fertility after early miscarriages

It is said by the doctors that there is occurrence of a brief miscarriage in a woman. Due to this the fertility after miscarriage is increased. However, it is increased only for a short period of time. It is reported by the women that the fertility levels of women will return back to normal after the miscarriage will strike. This will start the ovulation. The functioning of her cycle is again back to normal.

3 – Time for trying again

Myra IVF is the chamber of the fertility treatment.

We don’t think that this title is wrong because Yes! We are chamber of the fertility treatment. We are the only one now look at the list of the treatment we have the option for the IVF,Guest Posting Surrogacy treatment, ICSI, GIFT, ZIFT, IUI, IVM, IMSI, PICSI, PCOS, EGG DONOR, EGG FREEZING and many more. even the step that is always remain the most attractive point for most of the patients and that is the fertility investigation because before the treatment it is very important to investigate every case very carefully and in the category it including the how long the problem of the fertility it is and what all are the reasons to have in the human body and who is responsible for it male partner or the female partner because the problem of the infertility can be caused in any of the gender either men or women.

Beyond all those treatment we are expert to provide many of the other facility and that is including the other points as well like the patient will get the treatment in the best surrogacy clinic, the reasonable surrogacy cost, and the best success rate of the treatment that no one else is promising but we are promising that the patient will get the best successful result either in the complex or the normal pregnancy as well and all these points are going to play an important role in it.


IVF Cost

As compared to the other nations, the cost of the surrogacy in India is on the reasonable price with the complete facility so the clinic should have reasonable p

Head Concierge: Personal and Corporate Concierge Service, Assistant and Lifestyle Management Team.

One of the benefits of staying in a first class hotel is its concierge service, but it is possible to enjoy these advantages from your own home.
Such a company has recently opened in London serving clients’ needs throughout the world. Head Concierge Ltd can manage all aspects of your life from arranging a special evening to organising the carrying out of any menial task.
Managing Director Fraser Russell, 34, has worked in five star hotels in England and on the continent and although his company is based in London its database is international.

The purpose of a personal concierge company is to make clients’ lives easier and more enjoyable. Work that the company has recently successfully completed includes sourcing and arranging a qualified nanny for same day cover and collecting and delivering a car to a client’s home following clamping. After receiving a request, at 9.30am on a Sunday during August’s heat wave, a desk top fan was located, purchased and despatched by courier to the south coast – by 4.30pm.
Head Concierge Ltd can find you regular help such as cleaners and decorators as well as organise restaurant, hotel or theatre ticket bookings, transport, trips and leisure activities.
There are no membership, subscription or enrolment fees – clients are merely asked to complete a single registration form in order to use the company’s extensive resources at any time. Following registration, payments are due once the service has been provided.