NFC and 2011’s Latest Trends in Mobile Marketing

to innovate and search for the latest marketing trends today. Almost everything that comes out in the market is promoted through social networking sites or through mobile applications and text messaging. The mobile marketing trend 2012 is seen as the new merchant to promote products and services.

Almost all social networking sites are part of mobile applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, etc. Included as well are Internet sites that can be browsed and surfed on smart phones because of the technology that is fast emerging and evolving. This is why every big corporation and even small market companies are riding the mobile marketing trends 2012. Mobile NFC or Near Field Communication is the simplified technology that will altogether make this important mobile marketing trend change the wave of sales and promotion.

Why Mobile NFC simplifies market trend

Transactions are simplified through NFC. By just touching devices, information is exchanged through its unique technology. Although NFC has the same feature with Bluetooth devices, its uniqueness comes from automatic configuration that does not require a manual operation from the user before making transactions. There are many transactions that can be done through NFC such as mobile payment, ticketing or public transport payments.

Mobile Wallet making a noise

With mobile marketing, payment transactions become easy especially if it’s incorporated with NFC device because it makes things simple. Imagine paying your bills on the counter instead of cashing out or swiping your credit card, you can use Mobile NFC to exchange transaction within a short range. Like in the UK, more than 50,000 stores are using NFC technology in purchasing and for public transportation payments. They are even predicting to use the technology for th

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