Common Trends in Human Resource Management

Technology is ubiquitous. Whether you are in the industrialized world or developing markets, a growing number of people are connecting with mobile devices like smart cell phones and very portable computers like Apple’s iPad. This allows people to communicate across traditional boundaries within companies or externally across the world. They have instant access to information and to people. Smart CEO’s are thinking about ways to leverage this technology explosion. Many are already experimenting with virtual teams, non-traditional workplaces, and flatter corporate structures. How will your company leverage technology? Are there ways to connect more effectively with co-workers, customers, or investors? Can access to information help to run the company more effectively? Have you identified what information is important to your success and how it should be shared? Will you use an enterprise platform like SAP or Peoplesoft, or will you simply use basic services like email and the Internet? So, the basic question from a human resource perspective is how to use technology to connect people and information to your advantage. If you are not thinking about all of this, rest assured that your competitors are already experimenting with the new technologies. Make sure that you don’t get left in the dust.

Global Marketplace

As demonstrated during the recent downturn, worldwide economic activity is more interdependent than it ever has been in the past. Although trade has crossed borders even before the Silk Road was traveled by Marco Polo, in today’s global marketplace what happens in one country usually has a dramatic impact in another. The largest economies like the US, China, Japan, and Europe are so interdependent that their leaders meet periodically at the G-20 summits to discuss issues of mutual interest and common strategies. Smaller countries that were formerly

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