Search Engine Optimization – What is it, Why Have it, and How is it Done?

Recent research has shown that consumer purchasing and behavior compared search engine listings with banner ads, bulk email, and affiliate programs in several target markets. In every case, natural search engine listings were far more productive and cost effective. So what is the reason for this? It’s generally because consumers are apparently 12 times more likely to buy products and services they are actually searching for than with all the other Marketing approaches above, combined. This means that search engine optimization is critical.

The bad news is that just slapping up a website and submitting it to the search engines does not mean you’ll start appearing on page one of Google within a couple of weeks. You need to design your site and drive people to it in a way that appeals to the search engines. That’s why this is called ‘search engine optimisation’.

There are some tricky things to contend with, first, no one outside the Google company and the other search engine companies really knows how their searching and matching algorithms work exactly; also the consequences of doing the wrong thing can be disastrous: you can be struck off or blacklisted by the search engines, and then your site listing disappears altogether. This means that SEO for the rest of us is figuring out how it works. So what do you do? Well we know some things already.

Essentially, you design your website and put content on it in such a way that when people are searching online for products and services, your site is what the search engines choose as is the most “appropriate” for the person searching. You also need people linking to your site. But it is also necessary to have links from other sites.

Here a couple of bits of good news. First, it is actually quite easy to get some good ranking results for yourself by doing some simple things without breaking the search engine rules. Second, you can do this fairly easily yourself and avoid paying an expensive SEO expert to do it for you.

Here are some ideas that you can implement quickly to get your website appearing near the top of the search engines:

1. Always start with keywords. Be clear that you know what customers are searching for

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