Reverse Cell Phone Lookup Services on the Rise

Reverse phone lookup services have been around for quite a while now and pretty much all companies now use these services regularly to learn details about their missed calls, prospective client numbers etc. Even the regular home users have accepted reverse phone lookup services and use them frequently to learn about numbers they want to know more about.

But lately with the growth in the cell phone industry and widening user base of mobile subscribers, most of the calls we receive are actually from cell phones rather than normal land line numbers. The phenomenal growth in the telecom and cell phone industry, has often led to disappointment amongst reverse phone lookup service users who cannot get the full details of a number as most service providers of phone number lookups are still catering only to land line numbers and still have a long way to go before featuring seamless cell phone lookup as well in their repertoire.

A lot of people have started using the top search engines like Google or msn to look for details of a cell phone number but this method of cell phone number lookup is still quite unreliable as the search engines will give a result only if the owner of the cell phone number you are trying to lookup have given it out in any website or web directory and even if they have given it out in any classified advertisement or in any other way, it should be accompanied by their full name and address for you to get proper information on that particular cell phone number.

Given this growth of cell phone users and the fact that most people now use their cell phones as their primary phones as well as the inability to search for cell phone numbers, reverse cell phone lookup services have started to come up and promise a whole range of services primary of which is looking up cell phone numbers to get the full name, address and even the carrier of the cell phone network.

Existing reverse phone lookup service providers are also moving quickly in order to updat

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