How to Locate the Owner of an Unlisted Phone Number With Reverse Phone Lookup

Do you know how to locate the owner of an unlisted phone number? Some years ago, before the advent of the Internet, locating the owner of a particular is mostly done through the searching of names on the white pages. The emergence of mobile and unlisted phones have brought about further technological advancement on how to trace the owner of particular phone number from a spot without having to step a foot outside.

Locating the owner of a particular phone number can be done through a process better known as reverse phone lookup. Reverse phone lookup service providers operate by buying access into subscriber databases of various mobile operators and phone companies. By combining the various databases, they created a huge central database that provides an accurate and up to date information which they provide for their members who needs it.

Locating the details of the owner of a particular phone number can be fast and easy simply because most the work on information gathering have been done by the services company. All you need to do is subscribe and enter the phone number which you are researching into the online form. Partial information like precise location (city and state), where the number is registered will be provided.

To find out the full details about the owners name, you will need to pay a minor fee to have access to the service. Most reliable reverse cell phone lookup services charge just $20 for a single search and $40 to have unlimited access for one year. Having done that, the following information are released to you: The full name of the owner of the number you are trying to trace, the current and previous addresses, marital status, number of kids, place of work, criminal records, mobile phone number issuing company or carrier etc.

There are advantages of using a reverse cell phone lookup and these includes:

*Reporting any one who is annoying you with prank calls, or threat messages by clicking on “file complaint”. This makes reporting lawless people to the authorities very easy.

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