The Next Big Cell Phone Trend

Where does a cell phone trend come from? As cellular technology has evolved beyond a simple voice call and with more and more multimedia devices appearing on the market everyday it seems that the the cellular industry could easily shift towards self-generated consumer content. I don’t believe that all the companies that manufacture the hardware and create applications along with all these ‘consumer wireless advocacy’ groups and analysts have any idea what the next big cell phone trend will be. And why don’t they? Because in the end it always comes down to politics and not the best interest of the consumer. Kind of like the whole 700 mhZ regulation issue going with Google and Verizon. On Judgment Day Google ‘didn’t win’, but neither did Verizon. The decision put political interests up front and not consumer interests. So I vote consumers need to start putting their own interests first.

Politics Aside ‘Where’ Does a Cell Phone Trend Evolve From Anyway?

Most cell phone trends all over the world without a doubt evolve from Asia. However, many of those cell phone trends we will never see completely evolve here because of cultural reasons along with their cell phone technology is proprietary but also superior in some sense as to what it allows them to do with it. The pay by cell phone trend/concept that is just now gaining interest here in the states has been in use since 1991 or 1993 there. Some of my friends who traveled to Japan in the early 90’s were telling me how they could pay for their taxi fare by cell phone swipe.

Don’t Follow the Wireless Industry, LEAD IT!

As cellular technology has evolved beyond a simple voice call, today’s multimedia technology and access to free or inexpensive resources (online and offline) along with access to f.ree and public information that enables consumers tech savvy to brand themselves and essentially create their own cell phone trends on a local or large scale. Today’s consumers can ultimately determine what’s hot and what’s not (in every sense of the word). So the problem now is you are enabled, but you don’t really know ho

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