New Year’s Resolution – One Road Trip Per Month

year by pledging to use your Road Trip Planner at least once a month to explore your world near and far.

Before you object by declaring, “There’s no way I can afford a monthly adventure!”, bear in mind that many itineraries can be filled with free activities. A road trip can be for as little as one day; whether you’re packing the car with a picnic basket, a backpack or a 5-piece luggage set, if you’re hitting the road, you’re on a road trip!

Your 12 road trip itineraries might look something like this:

JANUARY & MARCH: Imagine a perfect day trip within two hours of your home to an area you’ve always wanted to explore more thoroughly but usually just pass by it to and from your “real” vacations. Sometimes it’s simply that city across the bay or in a neighboring county. If you live on the West Coast, you could experience Day Tripping in Seattle or Exploring La Jolla Cove. If you’re in the East, then consider By Car, Cape Cod or Touring nature’s green spaces, Niagara Falls – New York. And for those you living in between, try the Scenic tour from Dinosaur Ridge to Red Rocks Park, Denver or Walking Tour of Downtown, Memphis. Even though the weather might be chilly, as long as you dress accordingly, the fun factor’s equal to the task. Walking along the beach in the winter is invigorating! Grabbing the kids for some ice-skating is a blast! Just do a bit of road trip planning so you’ll have the addresses and directions on hand then fill your itinerary with some activities in the area. Add in a restaurant and some shops and you’ve successfully gotten yourself out from under the pile of household chores and into an all-day adventure, definitely more fun in anyone’s book.

FEBRUARY & APRIL: An overnight stay is just enough time to give you a taste of escape. Here, your road trip planner might include an overnight stay in an 1860 Antebellum mansion B & B in New Orleans (especially around Valentine’s Day). Strolling along a park under an umbrella big enough for two is romantic. Finding your gal a filigree necklace in an antique shop earns you major points. Or you might find yourself in the Tioga State Forest in Pennsylvania, staying Black Bear Log Cabin with your kids just to get everyone outside and hiking along the trails.

MAY & JUNE: Now the weather’s warming up and you’re digging in the clos

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