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make you pull your hair out, this new addition got you perplexed. Well, we know what you’re thinking. Thus, we are here to give you a quick, but in-depth rundown on all about high cube containers.

It is a distant relative of the family of universal 20 ft and 40 ft standard shipping containers but just a taller one. The only reason the conventional maritime containers are tweaked from the standard measurements is to accommodate freight and cargo of abrupt shapes and sizes and taller height.

Did you know that the high cubes are the most popular choices these days because of their ability to offer extra space? But how would you know if an HQ container is a right fit for you or not? If you have already got a professional opinion on this, well and good. In case you are looking for someone to guide you through this problem. Well, there’s no need to be all jittery about this. We, at BOXXPORT, are here to help.

A Brief Overview: The High Cube

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