How to Skateboard – Now You Can Become a Guru!

Skateboarding shares the common trait of so many of life’s most desired skills…  Before you can do it competently and confidently, you first need to build a foundation of basic skills. These required skills are nothing to fear, in fact learning how to skateboard is quite enjoyable. Once you have the basic skills of balance and timing under control you’ll enjoy exploring all the great tricks you can do with a skateboard!

Before you can run, you first need to learn to walk; Before you learn to walk, you first need to balance on your feet; Before you learn to balance on your feet, you first need to crawl on your knees and so on…

Skateboarding is no different; and pardon the above cliches, because it really is very similar to the process of learning to crawl-walk-run-jump and so on.

Before you can learn how to skateboard you first need to learn what sort of skateboard is suitable for a beginner; I wouldn’t recommend one of the $19.99 discount boards if you are serious about learning. Speak to an expert at your local skate store and be prepared to spend around $69.99 for a suitable board.

Are you a regular or goofy footer? This depends on which foot goes forwards, if it is your left foot then you’re regular, if it’s your right foot then you’re goofy.

You need to become familiar with your board. Practice riding around with all four wheels flat on the ground, before you attempt to ollie, you need to become familiar with the feeling of how to skateboard safely and confidently on flatland.

Your first ollie will be exciting, it’s a matter if timing, balance and skillful execution. You

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