What It Means to Start Investing in Gold

For the sake of accuracy, we should begin with a much-needed correction as we consider what it means to start trading gold.











Technically, one does not “invest” in gold or any of the other commodities.

receiving dividends.

Because gold and the other commodities do not produce revenue, profits, or

So, what does it mean to speculate on gold?

Assuming that you’re not a manufacturer who needs gold for your production

First, understand that an ounce of gold is merely an ounce of gold.

Gold doesn’t change in value. Its price fluctuations, either up or down, are indications of the changing value of your dollars.

Consider this. In January, 2009, it took only 900 of your dollars to buy one ounce of gold. At this writing, it takes almost 1,600 of your dollars to buy the same ounce of gold.

Gold has not gone up in value.

Second, understand that anything you own that is over and above your “cost-of-living,” is part of your wealth.

Some have great wealth.

Some have very little wealth.

When you trade some of your dollars for gold, y

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