African Travel Tips When Visiting Zambia

In Zambia a third of the country devoted to conservation, Zambia offers the visitor some of the best wilderness and wildlife areas in Africa. A wide range of action adventures, from the legendary walking safari to river rafting on the mighty Zambezi, allows the enjoyment of nature at its wildest and most exhilirating.

A birder and angler’s paradise, Zambia has recorded more than 740 bird species in areas of great scenic beauty and has some of the best fresh water fishing available including excellent Tiger fishing. Best of all though, Zambia is one of the most stable countries in Africa, with 73 tribes living in harmony.

People are very friendly and display a rich cultural heritage during their vivid traditional ceremonies, which is open to Westerners to witness their ancient and timeless mystique.




There are three distinct seasons: Aug-Oct is warm to hot and dry offering the best time for game viewing as water is scarce; Nov-Mar is hot with thundershowers, but excellent bird watching season as migrants come from the north; and Apr-Jul when days are dry and warm and evenings and early mornings are cold – also good for game viewing.


1 Kwacha = 100 Ngwee. Foreign exchange is at authorized banks and bureaux de change. American Express is widely used, with more limited use of Access/MasterCard, Diners Club and Visa. US dollar traveller’s cheques are recommended.


Shopping For a Baby Carrier

t is a well-known fact that babies love to go to gardens and parks in the evening time when the sun is low and play there. However it is not safe for a child who is just a few months old to roam openly in parks as there are many children playing there and one can surely get hurt. This concern was pondered over by the scientists and they came up with the brilliant idea of an appliance which is commonly known as the baby carrier. It is just like a holder which firmly keeps the baby in place and also safe from any external harm.

The main function of any carrier is to provide a small baby with ample space along with a well-built and firm bottom which keeps the baby out of harm’s way while his parents are doing something else. These reasons are quite enough for anybody to own a carrier. Hence the demand for baby carriers increased tremendously in direct proportion with the birth rate of the country! That is why many companies which produce such user-friendly objects for the welfare of any baby started production of carriers on a large scale to meet the demands. Therefore it is very important that one selects the best type of carrier among the ones available in the market. A good-quality carrier must consist of the following things.

– Headrest which is comfortably cushioned
– Protective strap up
– Cushioned shoulder fastening and also a belt to secure the hip portion of the baby

All these facilities are present in most of the brands of carrier. However choosing the best for your baby certainly is the best one can do. The following are the most popular types or categories of baby slings one can find anywhere in the world.

Baby rucksacks or backpacks
Baby slings
The Swedish design of the baby carrier known as Baby Bjorn
Snugli Baby Carrier
The Ergo types of baby carriers

Out of all these types mentioned above, the snugli baby carriers are the most popular

Can I Buy SIM Cards Overseas When I Get There?

registration at all. They can even give you your overseas phone number when you place the order. They also ship worldwide in case you need it and/or an unlocked cell phone shipped to where you are. To most popular destinations that means 1-2 day service.

If you’re a frequent overseas business traveler, you’ve likely encountered the frustrations of using a cell phone abroad.

Here is some advice…

Buy Local (Foreign) SIMs in the US or Use an International SIM

The way to save on international cell phone us is to buy a pre-paid SIM card from a phone company in the country you will be visiting. These SIMs can be purchased in the US and local SIMs can sometimes be purchased overseas. Be aware though, that if you buy SIMs overseas there might be residency requirements, you will not get your phone number until you arrive and the instructions will be in the local language. It may actually cost less to buy a sim card in the USA because of needing to go to a special shop but considering you get the number in advance (usually) and the instructions in English, it’s worth it.

Before departure, he said, find out whether your phone will work at your destination, and if so, whether you can activate the international roaming access function that would allow you to receive and make calls. However this mean very costly roaming fees and your incoming calls can be costly and always your outgoing calls are expensive.

Create Your Own World – The Easiest Way of Shopping

Online shopping- a very common phrase in this fascinating world. Every common man needs an online store in his home to get the products without roaming around the streets. Online shopping is getting popular in the past decade and prices in online store is less when compared to the showrooms.

To make your shopping economical and easier online shopping is a best option. But there might be a difficulty in tracing your address to make it simple, we are providing a GPS tracker to find you easily which makes your products arrive fast.

Confirm the online seller’s physical address and phone number in case you have questions or problems. Also read their Return and Refund Policies, including shipping and handling charges. Unfortunately, not all online sellers allow items to be returned and, if they do, there is sometimes a restocking fee. Read the fine print. If you can’t find this information on their website, ask the seller through an email or telephone call. Finally, many sites offer tracking options, so you can see exactly where your purchase is and know when it will arrive.

Use the safest way to pay on the Internet

Always pay online with a credit card. This way your transaction will be protected by the Fair Credit Billing Act. Under this law, you can dispute charges under certain circumstances and temporarily withhold payment while the creditor investigates them. An alternative way to pay is by using a third party like PayPalTM which prevents sellers from seeing your sensitive financial details and ensures a smooth transaction. Never send cash or money transfers under any circumstances.

Keep Detailed Records

Print out and date a copy of your online transactions including the product description, online receipt, the terms and conditions, warranties, company information, even confirming emails, and save them with your records of your pu

Build Your Own Gold Rocker Box Or Gold Cradle

First developed in the goldfields of the state of Georgia, the rocker was an important gold mining tool. At the very dawn of the Gold rush to California, the rocker box also known as a cradle was perhaps the most used piece of gold prospecting equipment. For a time it was perhaps even more important that the gold pan. Mostly this was because the miner could make a rocker for himself in the field from rough sawn lumber cut in the forest. They are also easily portable. Rocker boxes were also popular during the Klondike gold rush for working the hillside placers that were far above the creeks.

The ‘rocker’ is a box with a hopper about 3 to 4 ft. long and 1 to 2 ft. wide, sloped like a cradle, and is mounted on semicircular pieces of wood and worked by a, handle to give it a side motion; and it is also inclined so as to carry the material down to the lower end, which is open. At the upper end is a small hopper that may be removed and which has a sheet-iron bottom perforated with 1/2 -in. holes. Under the hopper is a canvas apron or tray inclined toward the head of the box but touching neither end of the hopper-box. Several wooden riffles are placed across the box. The material is fed into the hopper and screened through by water poured on top; the lighter material is carried over the end, while the riffles in the box catch the gold and magnetic sand. This concentrate is cleaned out and panned at the end of the operation. The rocker is used for the same type of work as the gold pan in that it is mainly a prospecting tool. A man is able to wash 3 to 5 times more yardage than with the gold pan, and the use of the rocker eliminates much of the backbreaking strain of continuous panning. On the other hand, the easy mobility of the pan as a prospecting device is lost.

So why might a modern prospector be interested in building his own rocker box? The principal use of a gold rocker is for mining small deposits where water is scarce. It is not really a desert device and it does use some significant water, but not nearly as much as a sluice. In a rocker, gravel requires about three times its own weight of water to wash it. So perhaps the best use is in streams and waterways with very little water – where some water is present, but not enough to run a sluice box. If enough flowing water to run a sluice is present, a sluice is faster and easier to run than a rocker. The rocker is only a primitive machine, having a capacity but one-fifth as great as that of the sluice box, but because it is cheap, requires but little water, and saves a high percentage of coarse gold, the rocker will continue to be used in many districts.

Gold Bullion – Simple Rules For Wise Investing

The role of gold bullion in ones portfolio is that of insurance. Stocks, bonds, and paper money all can and have numerous times been reduced to zero value, sometimes quite rapidly. Gold, in the form of bullion coins or bars has stood the test of time. For thousands of years it has always maintained a value in the marketplace. Even better in those times when paper assets are eroding the fastest gold tends to rise in value as investors seek safe havens for their wealth.

Here are some simple rules for wisely investing in gold bullion.

1. Never use borrowed money (leverage) to buy gold bullion. Gold will rise and fall with markets (though it never goes to zero), if you have leveraged to purchase you could lose all your money in your investment. If you purchase gold bullion with your savings it will be there when you need it.

2. Take possession of your gold bullion. Do not buy from a company that stores it for you or gives you a paper receipt for your gold. Companies do go out of business, you do not want to be just one more claimant in a bankruptcy proceeding.

3. Do not trade your gold bullion. It is tempting to trade and take a profit if the value of your gold portfolio rises. If you do you may not be able later to buy back into gold or may be without gold when paper assets crash and you need bullion the most.

4. Buy what is most actively traded. Buy gold bullion coins or bars that are readily recognized in the marketplace. This would include American gold eagles, Canadian maple leafs, and South African Krugerrands. These coins are widely known and will be readily marketed in a crisis. Buying numismatics (collectable coins) and unknown bullion coins should only be done by educated collectors. If you have the interest to educate yourself in this way go ahead and enjoy it, just do not make this your gold portfolio, rather keep it as a hobby.

5. Buy from a local coin shop or dealer at a coin show if you are buying in small quantities. Ask for the principal of the company and spend some time getting to know them. Work on building a relationship if you plan on continuing purchases of gold bullion coins. Local coin sellers who have been in business for many years have done so by earning the trust of their customers. They also understand the market and will gladly answer your questions. eBay is another place where gold bullion can be purchased in small quantities. eBay transactions through PayPal are insured so this is now a safe way of gold investing. Take some time to check out the sellers feedback ratings and be sure you know exactly what is being sold before making a purchase. (and only pay through PayPal to ensure your buying safety)

American Eagle Gold Bullion Coin Experiences Unprecedented Demand – Proof Versions Suspended

The American Eagle Gold Bullion Coin has experienced tremendous demand in the past year. In fact, the US Mint recently announced on its website that it is suspending production of the American Eagle Gold Coin Proof and version in order to focus on the production of bullion coins to meet the current demand. The mint is also suspending the uncirculated versions of the coins.

Mint Must Strive to Meet Demand

By law, the US Mint is required to supply enough American Eagle Gold Bullion coins to meet the public demand. The problem is listed as a blank problem–there seems to be a shortage of blanks that are used to make both American Eagles and the 24K American Buffalo Gold coins. It does not appear that the supply of the standard bullion coin product has been affected (regular American Eagles are available.)

When Will Production of Proof Coins Resume?

The mint will resume production of the gold coins as soon as inventories of gold blanks can be acquired to meet the demand of all three American Eagle Gold Coin Products. Uncirculated coins in fractional sizes have been discontinued indefinitely.

Could Be Bullish for Gold

A shortage of these blanks and a high demand for the American Eagle Gold Bullion Coins could be bullish for for the coins. Unprecedented demand could be stemming from the worldwide fears of inflation and a weak dollar. Should these factors occur, the price of gold could rise substantially. Many gold experts are calling for a gold spot price of $1,500 to $3,000 in the

The Association of Gold With Power

Power has always been associated with wealth, strength, opulence, wisdom and many other such characteristics. Man had an inborn craving, hunger or greed for power since he was sent on Earth by God. It has always been his utmost desire to possess enormous wealth, armour, wisdom etc. in order to conquer the world. His greed was shared by his fellow-men, naturally. Amongst many things that he wished to possess and hoard, was gold. His obsession with this metal has become part of human nature and it shall remain like this till eternity.

Gold is known for its multiple characteristics, but the way it is affiliated with power can be understood even by a layman; the reason being that the layman, in his own capacity, is striving hard to make lots of gold. If a layman can think this way then the power-hungry conquerors, emperors, kings and queens, and the modern day governments have higher aspiration for mounting heaps of gold in the reserves of the nation.

In the face of the current economic crisis, dollar is losing its value day by day, and price of gold is on the surge of rising exponentially. In such times, it is natural for people as well as for the governments to invest their savings in gold. Gold is one thing that does not lose its value and nature.

In terms of its chemical composition, gold is an inert metal. It does not react with any other substance under normal conditions. Other naturally occurring metals like iron, copper, silver etc. react with other substances. It is found in the form of gold ores in mines or in placer deposits in water. Even the smallest gold particle will retain all the characteristics of pure gold.

It is perhaps one of the very few everlasting materials on the face of earth. Obviously, it has gained the status of a deity as well – a deity of Power and Wealth. Men of all times and races have worshipped this deity since the history of mankind.

Its attribute of giving power to the person/nation, emphasizes on other human and universal aspects as well. Gold is considered to be the safest financial security in bad times. It is viewed as an invincible guard to the fortune of a person. People actually believe that they have the power to get rid of the bad times of their lives, if they possess a certain amount of gold.

Medical Uses of Gold

The science of using gold compounds in treating medical conditions is called chrysotherapy or aurotherapy. Gold has been known for its medicinal properties since 2500 BC. Gold is no doubt an exceptional metal with diverse properties, and this led the people throughout history, especially during the middle ages, to believe that by drinking gold water they can increase the span of their lives, and hence stay young forever.

Pharmacological use of gold started in 1927 with the development of a medicine called Auranofin. This was used to cure Rheumatic arthritis, and to improve the painful, tender and stiff limbs. Gold appears to have a powerful effect on the immune system, which enables it to relieve the painful symptoms of arthritis.

In recent times, researches carried out, particularly in the MIT have proved that gold can detect the cancerous cells, in cases of prostrate cancer in men, and ovarian cancers in women, when injected in the form of nanorods. Such cancerous cells can be destroyed with the gold vapours without affecting the surrounding cells.

Apart from this, gold is possessed with great relaxing attributes, which are thought to be really helpful in treating neurological disorders. Gold is used in small quantities in such medicines. It actually strengthens the conductivity in the nervous system. Nerves are responsible for relaying information to, and from the brain. Gold activates the functioning of the nerves.

It strongly discourages the formulation of bacteria, or microbes around itself. This attribute has helped surgeons to implant gold patches while conducting a surgery e.g. microsurgery of the ear. It is extensively used in dentistry, since ages in the making of crowns, and bridges. Gold is perhaps the only metal, which is

How to Sell Unwanted Gold? 3 Easy Steps to Sell Unwanted Gold For Cash

you will find that it is quite easy to make money from your unused and unwanted gold.

How To Sell Unwanted Gold

Step 1 – Find Out What You Have

Once you have collected the unwanted gold items together, you will need to find out how many karats your gold actually has. There are a few common types of karat denominations that can be found in gold, such as 10k, 14k, 18k and 24 k. Pieces of gold that are 24 karat will bring in the most money.

By knowing what you have, you will be able to better understand and evaluate the quote you may receive from a gold buyer. If you have a jewelry scale, it is best to weigh your items before you get a quote. The heavier your items, the more money you will make.

Step 2 – Locate a Reliable Gold Buyer

One of the most important steps in how to sell unwanted gold, is locating a trustworthy gold buyer. When you deal with an honest and reliable buyer, you will be treated fairly which means that you will stand to make more money.

If you choose an unreliable buyer, you will be offered little money for your gold items and you are more likely to be taken advantage of. In order to avoid this, you should select an online gold buyer. These types of buyers can provide you with the highest quotes and the fastest service. They supply you with a free mailing kit so that the gold selling process is streamlined.