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Who is William Hayes Ackland?

Born William H. Acklen on September 6, 1855, in Nashville, Tennessee, William Hayes Ackland was an American lawyer, author, and art collector.

He passed away on February 16, 1940. He spent the most of his life away from Tennessee, in Washington, DC, and numerous hotspots for socializing, and he visited England every year during its social season.

His collection served as the foundation for the Ackland Art Museum at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

William Hayes Ackland Age: How old is William Hayes Ackland?

On September 6, 1855, William Hayes Ackland was born at his family’s newly built house, then known as Bellmonte and later as Belmont, outside of Nashville, Tennessee.

He was originally born William Hayes Acklen but later changed his name to reflect his English ancestry.

Who are William Hayes Ackland parents?

He was the son of Adelicia (Hayes) Franklin Acklen (1817-1887) and Colonel Joseph Alexander Smith Acklen (1816-1863), an Alabama lawyer who participated in the Mexican-American War between 1846 and 1848.

When she wed Col. Acklen, she was a wealthy widow, and their children benefited from her fortune. Oliver Bliss Hayes (1783–1858), his maternal grandfather, was a lawyer from South Hadley, Massachusetts who eventually became a Presbyterian minister.

He was related to Rutherford B. Hayes (1822–1893), who presided over the United States from 1877 to 1881.

What are William Hayes Ackland Height and Size?

Currently there are no information concerning William Hayes Ackland height and shoe size. We will update this site with the info soon.

Who is William Hayes Ackland Wife?

On June 2, 1896, Acklen wed Laura Crocker (1871-1931) in Cleveland, Ohio. They got divorced a year later and never had kids.

A deceased half-sister left him $100,000 in the form of an inheritance. He had an estate worth $1,350,000 USD at the time of his passing.

William Hayes Ackland children

Ackland wed in 1896 at the age of 40; however, his wife filed for divorce less than a year later. The couple didn’t have any kids.

Despite having many contacts, he probably only had a close friend in his sister Pauline.

He wrote three volumes of poetry and one novel, and he saw himself as an author.

What is William Hayes Ackland Net Worth?

William Hayes Ackland Career Explored

Acklen relocated to Washington, D.C., after graduating from law school, where he began to actively practice law. He also engaged in journalism in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in the 1880s.

Acklen belonged to an affluent social class and spent a lot of time attending society dances and galas in Washington, Ormond Beach, Florida, Lake Mohonk, and York Harbor, Maine, as well as other locations.

Every year, he went to England for the season. He gained a reputation as a gentlemanly character and elite socialite.

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