The good news is that Stranger Things 5 will undoubtedly take place. Uncertainty: The release date is unknown because filming hasn’t started yet.

The Duffers stated they didn’t yet have shoot dates for the final season in a recent interview. Originally, they had planned to film Seasons 4 and 5 back-to-back, however due to Season 4’s length, this timetable proved impractical.

The Duffers claimed that because of the postponed production, Season 5 will take place earlier than Season 4, which will probably account for the actors’ advancing years.

While a release date has not yet been announced, Netflix has stated that the season will be available under a “binge model,” which means it won’t be available every week as some streaming services are starting to do.

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Though this may be optimistic, especially if the last season is as successful as Season 4, we’re looking for a late 2023 air date.

Will there be a season 5 of Stranger Things

The Duffers have stated that Season 5 will examine the Upside Down’s historical background. The mechanics of the world—why it seems to be stuck in a certain moment in time—and the hierarchy of the monsters who live there will also apparently be explored.

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The Upside Down’s temporal inertia was first revealed in Season 4, when Nancy discovered that the realm seemed to be frozen in 1983.

In Season 4, Eleven revealed that the Upside Down portal had been opened much earlier than previously thought.
To give you a spoiler notice, she zaps Henry Creel into the Upside Down in 1979, where he later became Vecna.

So where does the Upside Down end up in 1983? Was the first monster Henry Creel?

All of our concerns about Upside Down’s past will be answered in Season 5.

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