When Michelle Delahunty-Evans and Philip Burns were watching “American Horror Story” on television, she alleged that Philip Burns was attempting to terrify her.

After returning home following a night out, a man accidently hanged himself as he was “joking about.” He was trying to scare off his fiancée. On February 28, 36-year-old Philip Burns passed away at his Thomson Street residence in Carlisle.

According to the Cockermouth Coroner’s Court, Burns spent the weekdays at work in Glasgow and the weekends seeing his fiancée, Michelle Delahunty-Evans, in Carlisle.

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He had arrived in Carlisle that afternoon, and he and his fiancée had gone to the pub to participate in a quiz. Although Burns had consumed some cocaine, according to her, he didn’t do it frequently. They drank “quite a few drinks” and were “having a laugh” when they went out on Sunday, February 27, in Carlisle. They had returned home, she said, and were “joking around” and “being silly.”

Delahunty-Evans asserted that as she turned to face the door while watching television and singing along, she noticed Burns standing there. She said that when they were watching “American Horror Story” that weekend, Burns was attempting to scare her.


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Further inquiries showed that Burns had been “mucking around” to get his fiancee’s attention. Emergency services were contacted just after 3.30 am regarding a 36-year-old man who was not breathing.

Delahunty-Evans raced outside and pleaded for help since she couldn’t find her phone to call 999. A police constable who attended to the incident reported that when he got there, someone was attempting CPR on a man who was on the ground and not breathing.

According to him, Burns’ companion was “intoxicated” and “shocked” by what was transpiring. Burns was already lying on the ground when a police officer arrived, and the door frame had been harmed.

A toxicological examination of his blood revealed he had significant levels of alcohol and had tested positive for cocaine. Coroner Dr. Nicholas Shaw claimed that Burns had not recently expressed any desire to commit suicide.

“If someone is found hanging, you initially assume they committed suicide,” he told the Daily Mail. Philip has no history of mental illness or self-harm. He had spent the night out and appears to have enjoyed himself.

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