In an effort to elicit fresh information to help them finally solve the cold case, the NYPD released a photo on Wednesday of a child murder victim who was killed on Staten Island.

John Taylor, the victim, was last seen at 70 Broad Street on January 4, 2000, when he was 19 years old. His remains were found in a crawl space in the same apartment building 11 years later, according to authorities.

According to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, he was stabbed in the chest, leading to his death being classified as a homicide, according to the police.

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When Taylor vanished, the structure where he was later discovered was housing the homeless.

He never left the building, investigators later discovered. On September 1, 2011, the building’s new owner tore up a carpet and discovered a trap door leading to the crawl hole in the earth, which is where his skeleton remains were discovered.

The Staten Island Advance stated that when Taylor vanished, authorities discovered a gory scene at the address but no body.

Years passed, and new occupants moved in and out, but Taylor’s remains, hidden beneath the floor, remained unnoticed.

The building’s landlord, who acquired the property in 2010, tore up a carpet that had been ruined by the water after Tropical Storm Irene slammed the island and flooded the area.


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He discovered the trap door leading to the water-filled crawl hole beneath it. He discovered bones and a skull hidden inside after pumping water out of the three-foot-deep area.

According to the Advance, at the time, authorities were looking into whether Taylor’s murder had a drug connection because the property was known for illegal drug activities and the crawl space had been used to conceal a drug dealer’s inventory.

After that, the trap door was covered.

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