Vanessa Guillen, a Fort Hood soldier who disappeared on April 22, 2020, was discovered mangled and burnt, igniting outrage from rural Texas to Washington, where her family met with President Trump.

Celebrities, MPs, and other prominent people have been shocked by the case of Specialist Guillen, with women in the military and Latinos being especially angry. Before she was killed, Specialist Guillen’s family reported that she was sexually harassed.

Activists were horrified by the military’s lack of answers and action after Specialist Guillen went missing, and they sought structural improvements in how the military handled sexual harassment and assault charges. In December, the Army uncovered “severe shortcomings” in Fort Hood’s culture and penalized more than a dozen people.

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Specialist Guillen’s bones, hair, and other relics were found towards the end of June. According to a federal complaint, a soldier at Fort Hood killed Specialist Guillen, hid her body in a large box, then attempted to dismember and burn her remains with his girlfriend before fatally shooting himself with a revolver as police approached.

Who was Charged for Vanessa Guillen’s disappearance?

On July 2, prosecutors filed a complaint in the case, alleging that Specialist Guillen was slain by another soldier, who subsequently attempted to dispose of her body.

U.S. Army Specialist Aaron Robinson, 20, was named in a federal lawsuit as the accused soldier. Specialist Robinson murdered himself with a handgun a few days before the charge was publicized.
Cecily Aguilar, his girlfriend, was also apprehended in Killeen, Texas.

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According to court filings, Specialist Robinson informed Ms. Aguilar that he repeatedly hit Specialist Guillen in the skull with a hammer, killing her, and burying her corpse in a huge box. According to the lawsuit, the pair then attempted to dismember and burn the remains.

A grand jury indicted Ms. Aguilar, a civilian, on allegations of tampering with papers or procedures, including the corpse of Specialist Guillen, on July 14, in the United States District Court in Waco, Texas. Ms. Aguilar has pled not guilty to all of the charges.

Who was Specialist Vanessa Guillen?

Specialist Guillen grew up in Houston with his five siblings. Gloria Guillen, her mother, stated she had a fascination with the military when she was a toddler when she used to play with her brother’s toy weapon.

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Despite her mother’s objections, she chose to enroll at the age of 18.
Guillen, the specialist, was a physically fit man. She ran track and cross-country teams, lifted weights, and played soccer.

The mother of Specialist Guillen said she had liked going to church with her daughter. Angels and statues of the Virgin Mary surround a monument at her house, which Specialist Guillen carried on a gold necklace that she never took off.

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