Will Zalatoris’ fiancée will be watching from the stands as he performs admirably at the US Open.

Since going pro in 2018, the 25-year-old has experienced an incredible rise up the rankings.

His personal life is going well, and his professional career is reaching new heights.

Who is Will Zalatoris dating?

According to Golf Monthly, the Californian has been dating Caitlin Sellers for more than four years.

Although Zalatoris has recently made news, they want to maintain a quiet profile in their personal lives.


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Caitlyn has been seen supporting her partner at PGA Tour competitions including the TPC Colorado Championship.

What does she do?

Caitlin is attractive, intelligent, and has two degrees.

She graduated from the University of Texas with a master’s in marketing in 2019.

That was only a year after receiving a psychology degree from Wake Forest.

She is presently employed in Texas as a marketing analyst.

By posting photos of the two to his Instagram profile, Zalatoris frequently expresses his love for Caitlin.

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