The guys who broke into a nearby restaurant and caused thousands of dollars in damage are wanted by Whittier police. The company has experienced three break-ins in less than a year.

Who is Whittier restaurant Owner,Troy Silva?

The restaurant’s owner, Troy Silva, told CBSLA that the intruders “busted the window, crawled in, and essentially shimmied their way down the wall.”

Two individuals in all black are seen on security footage continuously kicking the officer door of Orchard’s BBQ and Grill until it collapses.

They are then seen searching through the office a short while afterwards. The suspects allegedly attempted to steal the safe, according to the owner.

They do, however, wind up taking roughly $800 in little change and cause more harm than anything else.

Silva declared, “I’m going to blame the politicians.” “I’m going to blame the supervisory board. I’ll point the finger at our council members. Whittier Police Department is understaffed.

The restaurant owner expressed his outrage that his establishment was broken into early on Thursday morning—the third time in less than a year.

“We were able to capture the first suspect because of his highly noticeable hand and back tattoos. It was a simple catch. Like the second person, these men were hooded up, Silva remarked.


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Scott Kalassay, a customer at Orchard’s BBQ & Grill, called the frequent robberies upsetting.

“It’s demoralizing. It’s tragic, especially since business owners Troy and Debbie give back to the neighborhood so much, Kalassay said.

Silva, who has been in the company for almost 20 years, claimed to have observed an upsurge in local crime. Silva claims that another adjacent shop was just broken into.

Police acknowledged that they had been called to the restaurant in response to a break-in, but no arrests have been made as of yet.

Customers expressed their sadness that such an incident occurred in their neighborhood and their hope that those accounts would be brought to justice.


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“Everyone gathers here; everyone arrives. We name it Cheers, City Hall East in jest. It truly is a neighborhood eatery.

This is why seeing members of our extended family go through this hurts all of us so much,” Kalassay remarked.

Silva said that in addition to the $8,000 in damage the burglars inflicted, his insurance will be cancelled.

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