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Who is Trisha Noble?

Patricia Ann Ruth Noble was a well-known performer and actress from Australia. She began her career as a pop singer in the early 1960s under the stage name Patsy Ann Noble. During this time, she was a teenager and made frequent appearances on the music and variety television series Bandstand.

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In November of 1961, she released “Good Looking Boy,” which became her most successful single and peaked in the top ten in Melbourne and top twenty in Sydney respectively. She was recognized as the “Best Female Singer of the Year” at the 1961 Logie Awards, which were presented by TV Week.

By 1962, she had already moved to the United Kingdom and was continuing her career as a singer by releasing singles in that country.

What Is Trisha Noble Age

At the time of her passing, Patricia had 76 years under her belt. She was born in 1944 and lived until 2021 before passing away.

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Who is Trisha Noble Husband?

Patricia’s first marriage, to Alan Sharp, lasted from 1967 until 1974, and her second marriage, to Scott MacKenzie, lasted from 1976 until 1980, when it ended in divorce. 1985 saw the beginning of her marriage to Peter Field, which ultimately ended in divorce.

What is Trisha Noble Net Worth?

Trisha Noble’s net worth is estimated to be between $1 million and $5 million. Her fortune was primarily derived from her successful acting career.

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