The family criticized the care she was receiving and accused the psychiatrist of neglecting to see her for nearly two years prior to her passing.

Before it was discovered, a dead woman’s body had been left to fester in her home for about six weeks. The deceased woman was an East London native, and her relatives blamed the health professionals, calling their mistakes “appalling.” Her treatment was also criticized by her family, who also held the psychiatrist accountable for not visiting her for nearly two years prior to her passing.

Sophia Yuferev, a 37-year-old artist with paranoid schizophrenia, was discovered “seriously decomposed” at her apartment in Hornchurch, East London, on November 16, 2016, during a welfare check. Maria Mashiah and Yulia Tlili, two of her relatives, expressed horror at the treatment Sophia was receiving and insisted that she might have been spared.

Mashiah declared in East London Coroner’s Court, “She simply fell through the opening. It was horrifying that the doctor did not personally see her for two years.” Tlili continued, “We could have assisted her or tried to save her.


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Let them see a person, not just a number.” Since she was 17 years old, Sophia Stockdale, according to her mother Maria Stockdale, has been battling depression.

It was also made known that Sophia was estranged from her mother and that the financial assistance she had been receiving had stopped following their most recent encounter. Her lack of ability to care for herself was disclosed by her relatives. Additionally, they demonstrated that “she was not responsible for herself to take care of herself.”

It became clear that Sophia had attempted to flee numerous times and had once traveled to Siberia to be with her father. She attempted other escapes to Heathrow and the surrounding forests due to her persistent delusions brought on by the paranoid schizophrenia, which forced her to fly to Israel.

Who is Sophia Yuferev?

Dr. Gupta, a specialist psychiatrist, admits to not having seen Sophia since November 2019 on Friday, July 22. According to the official report on Sophia’s death, the on-duty staff was more responsible for her demise. The report described a series of incidents that led to Sophia disappearing and going over ten weeks without a care coordinator.


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According to Irvine Muronzi, the associate director of NELFT (North East London NHS Foundation Trust), the family members frequently relied on agency personnel who “didn’t grasp our systems.” He stated: “The police might have gotten involved sooner, and we ought to have called them sooner.

There would have been an earlier police participation in this situation, I believe.” He further stated that Covid was to blame for the agency’s understaffing, adding, “We did go through a difficult moment, and we were battling with staffing to conduct our services as we would.”

Coroner Dr. Shirley Radcliffe provided an explanation for Sophia Yuferev’s horrifying conditions and claimed that an accumulation of acids in her blood was to blame for the unfathomable loss. However, this was included as a conclusion because the pathologist was unable to identify a specific reason for her demise.


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She clarified that Sophia was powerless to combat the “rapid weight loss, an illness, or diabetes,” and added, “We were unable to give the family the answers they were seeking. It’s impossible to say if the outcome would have been different had there been an earlier follow-up regarding her attendance.”

Her brand-new care coordinator, who conducted two in-person visits, unfortunately discovered Sophia. The care coordinator phoned and informed the police after receiving no answer or update, who later that day discovered the decomposing body and were greeted at the scene with a horrifying odour. The artist was discovered dead at the spot, lying on her back and dressed in a white nightgown.

She had not received Personal Independence Payments since February 2021, the court was informed. Although Sophia had a reputation for abstaining from drinking, the toxicology analysis indicated alcohol levels that were consistent with decomposition.

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