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Biography and Career.

Satinder Bindra is a Canadian television news reporter who most recently worked in New Delhi for CNN as a Senior International Correspondent. In May 2007, he quit the network. [1] He was born in India and now resides in Canada. Bindra worked as a senior correspondent at Vancouver Television before moving from CTV to CNN (VTV).
In May 2008, Satinder Bindra started working for the UN Environment Program in Nairobi, Kenya as the division’s director of communications and public information. In December 2013, he began working at the Asian Development Bank as the department’s principal director.

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In the process, Bindra’s work has garnered a number of awards. He has won the South Asian Journalists Association (SAJA) award in New York three times: once for a report on Kashmiri civilians caught in the crossfire in 2000; once for his coverage of the War against Terror from Afghanistan in 2002; and once for an investigative piece on the warnings issued by late Afghan leader Ahmed Shah Masood prior to the attacks of September 11, 2001. (2004).
Alongside Jason Rush and other famous people, Bindra is now employed by the Asian Development Bank.

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Who are Satinder Bindra`s Children?.

He has two daughters whose names are not yet known

Who are Satinder Bindra Parents?

The names of his parents are not yet known

What is Satinder Bindra `s Age?

He is 40+ years old

What is Satinder Bindra Height?

Details of his height are not in the public domain

Who is Satinder Bindra`s Wife?

The name of his wife is not yet known

What is Satinder Bindra Net worth?

Satinder Bindra s worth $ 400,000 million.

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