Sabina Nessa left her apartment on the evening of September 17, 2021 to go to The Depot bar, which is close to the Kidbrooke commuter rail station. The parks and streets were crowded, and the day was dry, cloudy, and sunny for long stretches.

The 28-year-old primary school teacher settled in a southeast London neighborhood that was reasonably priced and popular with young families and professionals.

The main drinking establishment in this primarily residential area was a gastropub built on the site of a former wartime balloon depot.

Who is Sabina Nessa? 28-year-old primary school teacher who was murdered in London

Security cameras showed Koci Selamaj, a 36-year-old former Domino’s Pizza delivery driver, standing behind Nessa close to the scene of her death.


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Nine days later, he was detained and accused with her murder. She had received 34 blows to the back of the head from a two-foot-long object, according to the results of the post-mortem investigation into the cause of her death.

He struck her so hard that the metal traffic triangle he was using cracked. He then moved Sabina to another location in the park while she was still unconscious, ripped off her tights, and strangled her.

According to police sources, he partially covered her naked corpse with leaves before letting her die.

Who is Sabina Nessa?

Only 11 months separated her from Jebina Yasmin Islam, the oldest sister, who was the second of her family’s four sisters.


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The intimate relationship the two women shared as kids carried over into their adult lives.

In a crowded north London café selling Greek mezze and Halal food not far from where she works teaching preschoolers, Jebina says, “Sabina was the best auntie to my two small girls.”

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