Sanders was detained on October 17 after it was claimed he had a loaded gun, then again on March 1 after it was claimed he had two loaded guns.

Who is Rodney Sanders?

Under the state’s divisive “Raise the Age” law, Rodney Sanders, 17, a youngster who was accused twice of possessing loaded firearms, was treated with child gloves each time, reportedly allowing him to use a different weapon to accidentally shoot himself in his bedroom.

Law enforcement sources claim that despite the self-inflicted injury, Sanders of Brooklyn, a reputed member of a gang, wasn’t detained until his fourth gun arrest in less than nine months.


Will Poulter Children

When police allegedly observed Sanders throwing a loaded.45 caliber Sig Sauer P320 pistol on the ground outside of 808 Miller Ave. in Brooklyn at around 8:05 p.m. on July 6, they detained him for the fourth time.

The prosecution noted “his significant criminal past that keeps growing despite interventions by the courts,” the DA’s spokesperson said.

He entered a not guilty plea to second-degree possession of a weapon and was ordered held without bail, the spokesperson added.

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