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Who is Reed Richards?

A made-up superhero named Mister Fantastic (Reed Richards) can be found in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

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The persona is one of the original Fantastic Four members. Richards is a master of chemistry, all levels of physics, mechanical, aerospace, and electrical engineering, as well as biology of both humans and aliens.

Mister Fantastic was ranked among the top ten fictional characters in American comic books by BusinessWeek. He is the creator of the spacecraft that the Fantastic Four’s abilities came from when it was first launched and subjected to cosmic radiation.

Richards acquired the capacity to stretch his body into any configuration he chooses.

Reed Richards Age: How old is Reed Richards?

Reed claims to be eighteen years old in Ultimate Power #1, but Ultimate Fantastic Four #1 and Ultimate Vision #0 both establish that he is at least twenty-one years old.


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Who is Reed Richards Wife?

Who the Marvel Comics wife of Reed Richards is. In the comics, Reed Richards weds Susan “Sue” Storm, another Fantastic Four member.

What is Reed Richards Net worth?

When Reed was 20 years old, he received his degree. Reed used his intelligence to invent many things and amassed enormous wealth.

Reed used the money to develop research and aid the American government in planning for war. Reed Richard has a $12 billion US net worth.

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