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Who is Petra Yared?

Petra Georgina Yared is an actress from Australia. She has also been given the name Petra Jared. Yared was born in Melbourne to Rick and Shelley, and he has a younger brother, Nicholas, and an older sister, Sara. Yared is of Lebanese origin. She began taking acting classes at the National Theatre in Melbourne when she was nine years old, and she went on to audition for and land small television roles.

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MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA – OCTOBER 10: (L-R) Actors Leah Vandenberg, Susie Porter, Damien Walshe Howling, Libby Tanner and Petra Yared arrive at the “Celebration of Indian Fashion & Film” at the National Gallery of Victoria October 10, 2006 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Kristian Dowling/Getty Images)

She earned a Bachelor of Arts in History from the University of Melbourne, specializing in Middle Eastern history. Her career began with children’s television shows such as Sky Trackers and The Genie From Down Under 2.

She discusses her experience as an actress “I never know what type of role will appeal to me until I read the script, and then it’s usually a gut reaction. I sometimes just ‘get’ the character and know exactly how I want to play her “. “Whether it’s trying to understand the psychology of someone suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, researching a different religion, or learning how to fire a gun,” she says, being an actress allows her to explore different worlds.

What is Petra Yared Age?

Petra Yared was born in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia on January 18, 1979. Her age is 43. Every year on January 18, Petra Yared celebrates her birthday.

Who is Petra Yared Husband?

Travis Cotton, an actor and playwright, is Yared’s husband. Theodore (born in 2011) and Vivien are the couple’s two children (born 2013). They are from Melbourne.

What is Petra Yared Net Worth?

Petra Yared is among the best actresses in Australia and Hollywood. It is estimated that her net worth falls somewhere in the range of $3 million to $5 million. She acquired most of her wealth as a direct result of how successful her acting career was.


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