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Who is Pat McDonald?

Pat McDonald who stars in the channel 7 series Son & Daughters at her Apartment at Kirribilli.Actress Pat McDonald — The actress Pat McDonald died at Royal North Shore Hospital on Saturday after a six-month illness.Ms McDonald, pictured below, was rushed to hospital by ambulance in September, only minutes before she was to walk on stage for the premiere performance of Alex Buzo’s play Shellcove Road at the North side theatre.Ms McDonald started on the stage at 16 but became famous for her portrayal of the gossiping interventionist Dorrie Evans in the television soap opera Number 96. February 18, 1982. (Photo by Victor Colin Sumner/Fairfax Media via Getty Images).

Patricia Ethell McDonald (1 August 1921 – 10 March 1990) was an Australian radio and stage actor. She was the daughter of Arthur Stephen McDonald, one of Australia’s most prominent electric radio engineers and public servants, and his wife, milliner Edith Roseina Ethell.

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John McDonald, a bootmaker, was born in Victoria and married Eliza Mary Stevenson. Although she was not Australia’s first female Gold Logie winner, that honor went to entertainer and TV host Lorrae Desmond, she was the first female character actor to win for serial Number 96.

In addition to being a fixture in film and television since the late 1930s, McDonald had also been a regular on the stage from 1940 to 1989. Later in 1989, McDonald portrayed Raeline’s mother in an episode of the popular British television series In Sickness and in Health. In October 1989, the episode aired in the United Kingdom.

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Who is Pat McDonald Husband?

McDonald married Captain Peter Hendry, the son of a reverend and a doctor in the Australian Army, in 1941. She had a live-in lesbian relationship with Number 96 co-star Bunney Brooke in the 1970s. The two actors are open about

Pat McDonald Cause of Death

McDonald died on March 10, 1990, at the age of 68, at the Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney, after a long battle with pancreatic cancer.

What is Pat McDonald Net Worth?

Longley’s net worth is estimated to be between $4 million and $8 million. fortune was primarily derived from her successful acting career.

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