Michael J. Lindell is an American conspiracy theorist, entrepreneur, and conservative political activist. His company, My Pillow Inc., is his brainchild, and he is the CEO and founder.

Who is Michael J. Lindell Dating Now?

Mike Lindell is no longer married to his former wives. You might assume he should get married again, but the wealthy American businessman has not wedded anyone since divorcing Dallas Yocum in 2013. Their celebrity marriage was short-lived, lasting only two weeks.

Mike Lindell, who is 60 years old, is reported by various media sites to be unmarried and unattached. He hasn’t given up on marriage and may marry again in the future.

Mike Lindell is alleged to have had a love relationship with Jane Krakowski for only 9 months after marrying and divorcing in less than two years.

Jane Krakowski is an actress, comedian, and singer from the United States.

Who is Michael J. Lindell?

Michael J. Lindell was born in Mankato, Minnesota, in 1961. He grew up in the towns of Chaska and Carver in Minnesota.

Lindell enrolled in the University of Minnesota after high school but dropped out after only a few months.

Mike was 20 years old when he suffered with addiction and gambling. In the 1990s, he developed a cocaine addiction that exacerbated when he switched to crack cocaine.

In the 1990s, his poor habits caught up with him, and he lost his home. His wife sought for divorce as a result of his addiction.

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