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Who is Michael Bonacini?

Welsh-Canadian chef Michael Bonacini (born March 1, 1960) is a co-founder of Oliver & Bonacini Restaurants and the owner of eleven eateries in Toronto, Ontario, including Jump, Canoe, Luma, and Bannock. Bonacini received his training in London before moving to Canada in 1985. Together with business partner Peter Oliver, he opened his first restaurant, Jump, in 1993. Michael Bonacini is a judge on the well-known cooking competition MasterChef Canada and the host of Bonacini’s Italy, a cooking show that showcases dishes prepared by Chef Michael Bonacini from various regions of Italy. He has also appeared on Cook Like A Chef and serves as the resident chef for The Marilyn Denis Show.


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 How old is Michael Bonacini?

He is 62 years old

Who are Michael Bonacini parents?

The names of his parents are not yet known

What is Michael Bonacini Height?

He is 5 feet tall

Who is Michael Bonacini wife?

His wife is Valerie Bonacini

Who are Michael Bonacini Children?

His son is Oscar Bonacini

What is Michael Bonacini Net worth?

He is worth $ 65 million

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