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Who is Margo McLennan?

Margo McLennan

Born as Eileen Marguerite McMenemy, Margo McLennan was also billed as Margo Mayne and briefly as Margot McLennan and Marco McLennan. She was a British-born actress, singer, and dancer who was active in England and Australia.

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Margo McLennan became best known to audiences around the world for her role in the Australian television cult soap opera Prisoner. Margo McLennan passed away on July 28, (known in United States and UK as Prisoner: Cell Block H and Caged Woman in Canada).

Who is Margo McLennan Husband?

The marriage between Margo McLennan and Tony Doona took place in 1962 and ended in divorce in 1969. After that, in 1974, she tied the knot with Rod McLennan.

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Margo McLennan Children

Nicola McLennan is Margo McLennan’s daughter.

What is Margo McLennan Net Worth?

Margo McLennan’s net worth is estimated to be between $1 million and $5 million. fortune was primarily derived from her successful acting career.

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