On July 6, the 27-year-old father and his three young children, ages 1, Kyran Holland, 2, and Kyle Moorman II, were last seen leaving their home to go fishing along the White River.

An alert has been issued by the authorities in Indianapolis, Indiana after a family of four consisting of Kyle Moorman and his three children failed to return from a fishing trip after going missing.

The father, who is 27 years old, and his three young children were last seen together on July 6th, Wednesday.

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Now, the family’s extended members have expressed that they are concerned for their well-being. The family members claim that the father told relatives that he was going to take Kyle Moorman II, 5, Kyannah Holland, 2, and Kyran Holland, 1, fishing along the White River.

On Sunday, July 10, there were rumors that the family was spotted at a Cracker Barrel in Whitestown; however, those rumors were later disproved.

However, on Wednesday, July 13, the Indiana Forestry Department and the Indiana Metropolitan Police Department opened a death investigation on the lake that is close to Troy and Bluff. The family stated that Moorman and his children were last seen on Moorman’s phone.


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According to the phone, they were on the lake. The identity of the person whose body was found in the lake by the IMPD at a later time could not be established for certain.

Another piece of evidence that suggests something terrible must have happened to the family is the discovery of a vehicle submerged in the water.

IFD has released a video showing the rescue team searching the area for family members who were reported missing.

“This is not like him” Moorman’s mother, Natasha Hayes, told Fox59. “He would not let us worry like that, not when he’s got all three of the babies”. “My grandson has to take medicine, he has a chronic cough with asthma” she added. “Me and him are really close; he’s never done this before.” She continued: “I don’t see him not getting in contact with somebody in his family.” The Moorman family was last seen in a 2009 black four-door Saab, according to local reports.


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