James Womack has previously faced legal issues.

According to reports, Steve Womack’s son was detained on Wednesday for allegedly having methamphetamine in his hands.

James Womack, 34, allegedly tried to hide the alleged nine grams of meth by sitting on a zipped eyeglass case when authorities arrived as part of a probation home visit associated with a prior felony arrest, according to FOX 16 Little Rock.

A metal spoon and other syringes were purportedly discovered by police inside the case.

Who is James Womack?

According to an affidavit, substances discovered in the case’s glass vial and baggie both tested positive for meth.

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Methamphetamine possession and possession of drug paraphernalia are also felonies against which Womack was charged. According to FOX 16, he was arrested and taken to the Benton County Jail on a $20,000 bail. On Thursday, he was still incarcerated.

In 2019, Womack was awarded an early release due to the coronavirus pandemic after pleading guilty to crimes including a gun and drugs. Womack had been given a nine-year jail sentence.

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He has previously encountered the law and the cops several times.

He was given a 10-year sentence for a drug-related offense in 2010, but instead of serving it, he enrolled in a state prison boot camp with the understanding that, if he finished it, his criminal record would be cleared. He was detained in 2012 due to a parole infraction.

According to a statement from Shane Wilkinson, the young guy’s attorney, “This young man, like a lot of people, has struggled with drug addiction on and off for years.” “His addiction has a negative impact on him, his family, and those individuals he cares about. His addiction has caused years of suffering for his family, and today is no different.”

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Since 2011, the third congressional district of Arkansas has been represented by Steve Womack, 65.

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