Following a stabbing on Thursday night in a Huntington area close to the fairgrounds that left two people dead and two others in critical condition, a guy is now in arrest.

It took place on the 600 block of Whitelock Street at roughly 7:23 p.m.
When the police arrived, they discovered four stabbing victims. Three other people were brought to hospitals with potentially fatal injuries while one person was pronounced dead at the scene.

According to officials, a second victim passed away from their injuries on Friday.

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The names of any of the victims were kept a secret. Police added that a motive isn’t yet obvious.

Who is James Lee Bonewits?

James Lee Bonewits was regarded by Huntington police as a “person of interest” who had already departed the site before they arrived. Police released a public plea requesting assistance in locating him because he was on the run.
According to the authorities, Bonewits was later apprehended in Madison County. He had been viewed as menacing and armed.

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