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Who is Isabelle Fuhrman?

American actress Isabelle Fuhrman was born on February 25, 1997.

Her most well-known performances are as Esther in the psychological horror movie Orphan from 2009 and as Clove in the dystopian adventure The Hunger Games from 2012.


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Because of her portrayal of Esther, she has been dubbed a “horror icon.”

Isabelle Fuhrman Age: How old is Isabelle Fuhrman?

Aged 24 years old is Fuhrman. She was conceived on February 25, 1997. Birthday of Isabelle Fuhrman.

Who is Isabelle Fuhrman Husband?

Relationships between Isabelle Fuhrman and Joel Courtney (2014) and Colin Ford (2012).

What is Isabelle Fuhrman Net worth?

Elizabeth Fuhrman By 2022, net worth is anticipated to reach approximately $1 million USD. She is a well-known American actress who works in theater.

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