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Who is Felicity Mason?

Felicity Mason (born 1976) is a New York-based Australian actress, writer, and visual artist. She has appeared in four significant film roles. Felicity portrayed Diana in Stalkers Prey 2 in 2020. (Lifetime).

She starred in the internationally acclaimed cult film Undead, which is well-known among fans of zombie movies. She was the first Australian actress to star in a Sandalwood film, Hollywood (Ramu Films), in which she was required to dance, act, and sing in Kannada.

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You may have seen her on television in the ABC series Mortified or The Sleepover Club (Nickelodeon). Felicity moved to New York in 2005. Within a year, she signed a deal with NBC Universal for the comedy series Oralick Records (NBC Universal), in which she portrays four eccentric characters competing for a record deal.

During this time, she was under contract with Untitled Entertainment. By 2008, Felicity had quit acting to complete her degree in Visual Arts. Mason received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from The Queensland University of Technology in 2012.

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To date, Felicity’s body of work consists of film, theater, television, musicals, documentaries, corporate and music videos, and voice acting for animated characters.

Who is Felicity Mason Husband?

From 1938 to 1948, Felicity Mason was married to Henry Lyon Young. Since 1948, she has been married to Richard Mason.

Felicity Mason Children

Felicity Mason may or may not have any children. She has not revealed whether or not she has given birth to any children.

What is Felicity Mason Net Worth?

Felicity Mason’s net worth is estimated to be between $1 million and $5 million. Her fortune was primarily derived from her successful acting career.

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