An employee of a mortuary has shared the most shocking aspects of her profession and responded to common inquiries regarding death.

Who is Emma Yates?

In a recent video posted on social media, UK native Emma Yates revealed the truth about what it’s like to work with dead bodies.

The mortuary employee, known on TikTok as @alifeindeath, posted a video detailing everything that occurs.

She regularly battles skeletons, removes maggots from bodies, and deals with brain stains, so her job is not for the faint of heart.

Emma recently shared some of the most typical discussions she has when working on her TikTok.

Who is Emma Yates?

Could someone please throw these worms in the trash? and “the man’s here for the brain” are just a few of the spookier subjects that have been discussed.

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Emma spoke candidly about her peculiar job as a morgue employee on TikTok.

These chips taste like decomp, Emma continued, revealing that her job has an impact on her taste senses.

The biggest offenders, she remarked in the comments, were those with cheese and onion flavors.

In the video, she continued by recalling two horrific incidents: one in which a corpse’s foot fell off, and another in which she horrifyingly got brains all over her clothing.

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And to top it all off, Emma had fought a skeleton.

Emma continued by dispelling some of the most unsettling myths that people hold about bodies.

One widespread myth that people fervently hold to be true, Emma said, is that there is no blood in a dead body.

As a result, if you’re lying on your back, the blood will pull to the back of your body during post-mortem procedures, according to Emma.

Emma discusses another myth in the video, which has received 13,000 likes so far: the idea that dead people can suddenly sit up.

Emma clarified, “Dead bodies don’t sit up on the post-mortem table, though.

Emma disproved many bizarre beliefs about what occurs after death.

“Occasionally, there is gas left in the body, causing the muscles to quiver a little bit, but dead corpses lack the amount of muscle needed to sit up.”

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Emma claimed that, despite her unusual work settings, she always treats the people she works on with compassion.

“We always treat them with respect, just as you would a living patient,” she continued in a reply. You can get through the darkest days with humor.

The video’s viewers were captivated by Emma’s admissions and used the opportunity to express their shock at what they had learned.

Wow, I had no idea that rigor mortis was a transient condition, one person wrote.

Another person said: “I adore it all, but I know I could never do it without puking. A lot. I’m covered with it.

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