On Friday, July 15, 2022, Eliza Trubuhovich, a well-known and talented aspiring photographer from New Zealand, passed away suddenly.

Who Is Eliza Trubuhovich?

She ran a streetwear shop in Auckland and was as swift as a global flight attendant.

She and her boyfriend were both involved in a toxic relationship, and on Friday, her boyfriend shot both her and her father, Geoffrey Trubuhovich, to death.

Her friend characterized her as vivacious and a person with a really, really, really strong heart and her father said the same.


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Sadly, Trububhovich’s family loses two happy spirits and the valued members. Others who have sent their condolences are providing a lot of emotional support to Eliza’s family in the interim.

They are commiserating with the grieving family and offering prayers for the deceased’s soul during this terrible moment.


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During this excruciatingly annoying or trying time for his or her family and friends. A fundraiser is started to generate money to aid Eliza’s family and slightly improve their lot in life.

The money that has already been gathered for them, $61,223 could be sent to El’s mother, who is currently in route from the Philippines.

Her mother had gone to the funeral of her sister, but she now has to return home to terrible news. Could the All-Powerful God provide him with the comfort and luxury he needs to deal with loss?

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