A transgender female at a women’s jail in New Jersey reportedly pregnant two other convicts, leading authorities to transfer her to a different facility.

A spokesman for the New Jersey Department of Corrections informed NJ.com that 27-year-old Demi Minor was transferred from the Edna Mahan Correctional Facility for Women to the Garden State Youth Correctional Facility in Burlington County last month.

A representative for the new prison system confirmed that Minor, who is serving a 30-year term for manslaughter, is the sole female inmate in a secure section.

On July 15, Minor wrote on the Justice 4 Demi website that she was on suicide watch at the new institution “because to the fact that I had hung myself in the van.” She said she asked to be strip-searched by a female DOC officer, but the guards refused.

By sending her to one of the nation’s most dangerous juvenile correctional facilities, “[NJDOC] have violated my right to be secure and free from sexual harassment,” Minor stated. While incarcerated at GYSC, the “young convicts who are immature and just plain dumb regarding a person like me” often attacked me, the inmate wrote.

She said that during a short stay at New Jersey State Prison, she “was called he and him well over 30 times” and that “this has not happened to me in years being referred to largely as a guy.”

An earlier message said that while being transferred from the female prison, Minor was beaten by guards. The DOC has not commented on the allegations but has confirmed to NJ.com that an investigation is underway.

NJ DOC stated that they are unable to discuss ongoing investigations. The Department takes the safety and security of its inmates and staff very seriously, and it will not tolerate any form of mistreatment.

Minor’s decision comes after months of silence following the revelation that she had impregnated two other convicts while detained at the women’s facility.


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New Jersey passed a policy in 2021 allowing inmates to be held in facilities that correspond with their gender identity. It’s part of a settlement from a civil rights claim brought by a woman who spent 18 months in a men’s prison and felt she had no choice but to file for asylum there. The policy has to be in place for at least a year.

DOC officials informed NJ.com that while they are still enforcing the ban, “the agency is presently examining the policy for housing transgender incarcerated inmates with the objective of enacting minimal revisions.”

“Housing decisions are decided within the boundaries of the settlement agreement, which entails consideration of gender identity and the health and safety of the individual,” the spokesman stated.

According to the source, Minor will be eligible for release in the year 2037.

Who is Demi Minor?

Demi Minor is rumored to be serving a 30-year sentence for manslaughter and will be available for release in the year 2037, but little more is known about her.


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“After attempting suicide by hanging in a van on June 24, 2022, I was transferred to the male-only Garden State Youth Correctional Facility. Before being taken to my cell in the prison’s dank basement, I asked the guards if I could be strip searched by a female officer, which I would have been fine with.

The lieutenant laughed at me as I requested for this, and he insisted that I submit to a strip search by two male cops or else he would have my clothing slashed off and I would be locked in a dry cell.

The male officer said things to me that I felt were inappropriate, and I cried and obeyed his orders. As detainees on watch are housed in the detention section, not the infirmary, I was assigned to a small, windowless cell in the detention wing.” Minor documented her ordeal on her personal blog.

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