A Hollywood producer accused of killing a model and her friend after they overdosed on narcotics was also charged with further counts of sexual assault in unconnected cases, and there may be additional victims, according to LA County District Attorney George Gascón.

David Pearce was officially charged with the murders of model Christy Giles and her friend Hilda Marcela Cabrales-Arzola, whose bodies were abandoned at two different hospitals on November 13, 2021, during a news appearance on Tuesday.

Who is David Pearce?

The following month, Pearce, 37, was first detained and accused of raping and assaulting four women.

According to Gascón on Tuesday, there is now enough further proof to connect Pearce to the murders of Giles and Cabrales-Arzola as well as the rape and sexual abuse of three more victims.

At the press conference, Gascón stated, “We started with the allegations we thought we could prove because we knew this was going to be a lengthy inquiry.” “The majority included the use and administration of medications.

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