A man was charged with attempted murder on Friday, July 15, after his sister, who had been in a coma for two years, woke up and said her “mean” brother had attacked her.

In a June 2020 attack that left his sister Wanda Palmer in a coma for two years, 55-year-old Cottageville, West Virginia resident Daniel Palmer III was charged with attempted murder and malicious wounding. Neighbors discovered Wanda unconscious and in critical condition at her Flatwoods Road home on June 10, 2020.

According to the criminal complaint filed in Jackson County Magistrate Court, the responding police discovered the victim slumped down on a couch with serious injuries.

“From the perspective of an investigator, this is a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence. I believe it is a tribute to the victim’s resilience and fortitude that “After Palmer’s arrest on July 15, Sheriff Ross Mellinger spoke to Fox 11.

“With her condition the way it was that morning, I wouldn’t have risked even a nickel on her survival. Truthfully, she was unconscious and on the medical brink of death. Extremely severe head trauma, on par with that caused by a machete or hatchet, “To elaborate, he said.


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Sheriff claimed they have not been able to locate the firearm yet via their investigations. Daniel Palmer was first considered a suspect because court documents indicated the siblings had a “violent history.” There wasn’t enough evidence to press charges against him until his own sister fingered him as the suspect.

In an interview with investigators, Daniel reportedly denied knowledge of the crime and stated he hadn’t been to his sister’s house in days.

But a witness identified him as the man who stood at Wanda’s front doorway on the night she was attacked. “We’ve combed the entire state looking for potential suspects, followed up on leads, and carried out search warrants.

This case is not cold, but there has been a lack of credible evidence for two years. We had a few leads to follow up on, but it would take some time to weed out the others and narrow it down to just a few “This is what Mellinger had to say about it.


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On June 27, Wanda’s caseworker from Adult Protective Services called to report that she had begun speaking and seemed to understand questions being asked of her. Two deputies went to the New Martinsville nursing home on July 12 to check on residents. Wanda remembered both living in her trailer close to her mother’s house and being injured there, as reported by one of the deputies.

The deputy noted in the criminal complaint that she “made reference of her head” before naming her brother Daniel as the attacker.

” Wanda explained that Daniel assaulted her because “he was cruel” when asked about the incident “that’s what the complaint said. The deputy found Wanda to be “focused” to the situation and said that her responses were both “coherent” and “relevant.” In fact, she “requested prayer,” as stated in the file.


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The unexpected turn of events in the case surprised friends and well-wishers in the area. “Thank God she was able to regain consciousness and provide the name. That’s all I’ve got to say, and thank God for that, because she deserves to be treated fairly. Of course, “Longtime friend Myssi Powers informed Fox 11 that Daniel and Wanda were having marital problems. “My only conclusion is that he is not a good human being.

He was definitely not a nice guy. By eavesdropping on others, I learned that he had been cruel to Wanda in the past “The end result was an addition, which she emphasized.

Daniel was in custody on Friday morning but it reportedly took hours to get him to cooperate and be arraigned by a magistrate.

Because the subject was so hostile, the magistrate had to travel to the sheriff’s office to conduct the arraignment. According to Fox 11, his bond was set at $500,000 and he was transferred to the South Central Regional Jail.

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