Kristin Smart’s former roommate stated in court testimony on Monday that the Cal Poly student’s unexpected disappearance was “extremely out of character.”

As more witness testimony was presented during the Smart murder trial in Monterey County Superior Court, Crystal Teschendorf took the witness stand.

After a second postponement, the trial of Paul and Ruben Flores, who are accused of being involved in Smart’s killing, resumed in Monterey County Superior Court.

The murder of 19-year-old Smart, who vanished after leaving an off-campus party in May 1996, is allegedly the responsibility of Paul Flores, 45. Ruben Flores, his 81-year-old father, is charged with aiding in the concealment of her body. April 2021 saw the arrest of the two.


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Following a ruling by San Luis Obispo Superior Court Judge Craig van Rooyen that the Flores men would not likely receive a fair trial in San Luis Obispo, the trial against the Flores men, which is anticipated to take four months, started in Salinas in July.
Judge Jennifer O’Keefe of the Monterey County Superior Court is in charge of the case.

Denise and Stan Smart, as well as Smart’s parents and siblings, Matt and Lindsey Smart, have all spoken during testimony thus far. People who were present at the party where Smart was before she disappeared have also come forward.

Jurors were anticipated to hear testimony from partygoers as well as evidence from the time of Smart’s disappearance on Monday.


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