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Who is Colin Wills?

Frederick, Colin George Wills was a journalist, poet, broadcaster, war correspondent, scriptwriter, and travel writer from Australia. Wills was born in Toowoomba, Queensland, and grew up on Sydney’s North Shore. He worked as a reporter for the Daily Guardian, Smith’s Weekly, and the Daily Telegraph in the 1920s and 1930s. Rhymes of Sydney, a collection of poetry illustrated by cartoonist “WEP” (William Pidgeon), was published in 1933.

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Colin Wills

Wills emigrated from Australia to Europe in 1939 to work as a journalist and broadcaster. Wills reported from front-line areas for outlets such as the BBC, Chronicle, and Mirror during WWII. Wills’ assignments included the North African campaign and D-Day, which he witnessed from a landing craft carrying Canadian troops to Juno Beach in Normandy. He paid a visit to the Belsen concentration camp in northwestern Germany shortly after it was liberated by Allied forces.

Wills and Richard Crossman wrote the script for German Concentration Camps Factual Survey, a feature-length documentary about Nazi concentration camps, in the mid-1945. Alfred Hitchcock (credited as a “treatment advisor”) and Sergei Nolbandov were the film’s de facto co-directors (“production supervisor”).


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After several months of post-production, the film was halted for political reasons, and it was not completed and released until 2014. Wills went on to write three non-fiction books: White Traveller in Black Africa (1951), Who Killed Kenya? (1953), and Australian Passport (1953), all of which were published by Dennis Dobson Ltd in London. Australian Passport incorporated autobiography and social commentary about Australia.

What is Colin Wills Age?

Colin Wills was born on January 17, 1906, and passed away in 1965. He passed away at the age of 59. He passed away in Westminster, London.

What is Colin Wills Net Worth?

Colin Wills was among the best paid broadcast journalists. It is estimated that his net worth falls somewhere in the range of $1 million to $3 million. He acquired most of his wealth as a direct result of how successful his journalism career is.


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