Katrina Lanette Pierson is an American activist and communications consultant. She was the national spokesperson for Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign

A number of unexpected revelations regarding the incident from 2021 have surfaced during the current Jan. 6 hearings, and yesterday, former Trump ally Katrina Pierson testified in the matter.

Former Trump aides Pierson and Brad Parscale were also seen texting one another during the committee meeting on Tuesday, July 12.

Who is Christopher Pierson?

Christopher Pierson is the only known son of Katrina Pierson. We do not have any information about him to share at this moment. This page will be updated once we do.


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Who is Katrina Pierson?

American activist and communication expert Katrina Pierson is 45 years old. She formerly worked as Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign’s national spokesman. She met Trump in 2015.

The Kansas native began her political career in 2009 as a Tea Party activist. In Garland, Texas, she also started a regional Tea Party organization.

In the 2014 elections for the Texas 32nd congressional district, Katrina ran against Pete Sessions, the incumbent congressman. Sarah Palin and Rafael Cruz both endorsed her, yet she still lost.

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