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Who is Arthur Henry Adams?

Arthur Henry Adams was a writer and journalist. He began his career in New Zealand, though he spent the majority of it in Australia, and he briefly lived in China and London. Arthur Adams was born in Lawrence, New Zealand, and attended the University of Otago, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts and began his legal studies. He then left law to work as a journalist in Wellington, where he began contributing poetry to The Bulletin, a Sydney-based publication.

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Arthur Henry Adams

In 1898, he moved to Sydney and worked as a private secretary and literary advisor to J.C. Williamson, a well-known theatrical manager. Adams also wrote plays and novels in addition to poetry. Mrs. Pretty and the Premier, produced by the Melbourne Repertory Theatre in 1914, was his most successful play.

What is Arthur Henry Adams Age?

Adams was born in Lawrence, New Zealand on June 6, 1872, and died in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia on March 4, 1936. Adams passed away at the age of 63. As a journalist for The Sydney Morning Herald and several New Zealand papers, Adams traveled to China in 1900 to cover the Boxer Rebellion.


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Who is Arthur Henry Adams Wife?

He married Lily Paton in 1908. He left behind her, two daughters, and a son. When Adams returned to Australia in 1906, he took over as editor of the Bulletin’s Red Page from A. G. Stephens until 1909.

What is Arthur Henry Adams Net Worth?

Henry Adams is among the best paid broadcast journalists. It is estimated that her net worth falls somewhere in the range of $1 million to $3 million. She acquired most of her wealth as a direct result of how successful her journalism career is.

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