A shooter opened fire at a Fourth of July parade, killing a number of people.

Kevin and Irina McCarthy, who were the parents of their infant son Aiden, were among those shot dead at the Highland Park parade.

Who is Aiden McCarthy?

Irina Colón set up a GoFundMe campaign on July 5, 2022, to gather money for Aiden McCarthy, a two-year-old.

The fundraising was created by Colon, a relative of the late Kevin and Irina McCarthy, to assist Aiden’s surviving family with funeral costs.

Colón wrote about what occurred on the crowdsourcing website, saying, “After the July 4 shootings in Highland Park, Illinois, the North Shore neighborhood banded together to aid a youngster we didn’t know.

“Under unfortunate circumstances, we are bringing him to safety, working together to find his grandparents, and sending up a prayer for his family’s wellbeing.”

The native of Illinois added, “I must, regrettably, reveal his name: Aiden McCarthy. And he still requires our assistance.”

At the age of two, Aiden finds himself in the unimaginable situation of having to grow up without his parents.

She declared: “He is surrounded by a network of friends and family who will provide for him in every way possible as he grows up, showering him with affection.

“I am starting this fundraising on behalf of his family and with his consent to help him and the caregivers who will be responsible for raising, looking after, and supporting Aiden as he and his support system embark on this unexpected path.

Aiden’s parents, Kevin and Irina: What happened?

In Highland Park, Illinois, a gunman opened fire on the crowd during a Fourth of July parade.

The person who is believed to have fired the shots is Robert Crimo III.

The catastrophe claimed the lives of numerous people in the audience, including Kevin and Irina McCarthy.

Lauren Silva and her boyfriend, who were also spectators in the march, described what transpired.

Another couple saved the boy during the tumult, but they later separated him from his parents.

The Daily Beast was informed by Lauren: “We just opened the door to go upstairs and we heard it… boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom.

“My partner brought me this young child and told me that he was under this father who had been shot in the leg.”

The mother of two continued, “I brought the boy to the garage as they tried to stop the bleeding.

“I kept enquiring as to when my parents would return.

“That kid’s face, his touch, and the sound of his voice are the only things I can grasp onto.”

I feel like I want to carry on to a little bit of the emotion that I felt, which is telling that boy that his dad was coming back, Lauren continued.

Michael Levberg, the late Irina’s father and Aiden’s grandfather, recounted the commotion as reported by the Chicago Sun-Times.

He had Aiden under his body when he was shot, Michael told the newspaper.

They were expecting two since they loved their son so much.

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