An unorthodox sperm donation statement from a Perth man who merely wants to help people start families has caused a social media frenzy.

Adam Hooper landed in Brisbane with the intention of donating his sperm to many women during a 10-day period. Hooper already has more than 20 children who were produced through donor conception.

According to the Courier Mail, the father-of-two will deliver an instant sample of his sperm to ovulating ladies during his so-called “baby-making tour.”

Next weekend, he’ll also be hosting a lecture in Florida, where he anticipates a large turnout among women in their 30s and 40s.

Since it is against the law in Australia for donors to accept remuneration for their sperm, he will not be able to donate to everyone who shows up, but those who are eligible will receive donations in a cup at no cost.


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A number of people who have read about Mr. Hooper’s tale are upset by the gift because they believe it to be unethical.

One Facebook user put it this way: “There’s a reason there should be limits on this.”
Another person added, “Very worrying.”

Some of those who commented were anxious that revealing the identity of the donor could lead to tensions in the donor-child connection and difficulties in meeting the recipient’s future financial demands.

And yet, others have questioned the legitimacy of the donations.

Who is Adam Hooper?

Mr. Hooper told the Courier Mail that he is not being “selfish” by being involved in his child’s life, as he regularly takes the child to the doctor for checkups and is eager to do so.

Mr. Hooper encourages his children who were conceived with the help of a sperm donor to get in touch with him at any time, even though the law states that children who were conceived with the help of a sperm donor are not allowed to meet their biological father until they are 18 years old.


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Although I am not a co-parent, my contact information and photographs are available to the child at any time. I welcome your inquiries and invite you to get in touch with me, he stated.

Too many donor kids spend years looking for their dads; I want my kids to feel a connection to their roots.

Mr. Hooper’s experiences as a sperm donor inspired him to create the donation platform Sperm Donation Australia, which now has more than 1,500 users on Facebook.

Over 900 kids have been born as a direct result of the 37-year-work old’s matching donors with couples and singles through the organization.

It’s just one of several internet communities where people looking for sperm donors can go to sidestep traditional clinics.


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With the cost of sperm donation treatment on the rise and the number of sperm donors falling, a number of recipients are looking at informal sperm donation.

While it’s not illegal in Australia, the unregulated donation is not recommended by doctors as well as donor and surrogacy experts, as it’s difficult to know if donors are following the rules.

For example, there’s a limit on how much sperm a donor can give. In Victoria and South Australia, a donor can only donate to a maximum of 10 women, whereas in New South Wales a donor can donate to up to five women.

Additionally, donors are not allowed to be anonymous and must truthfully reveal their medical history, as well as their families.

But with no online Australian donor register, Manager of Donor and Surrogacy at City Fertility, Kate Wilford, says it’s difficult for recipients to determine their donor’s history if they’re unofficially donating in some states.

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