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Curtis Francis Warren is an English gangster and drug trafficker who was once listed on The Sunday Times Rich List and was previously Interpol’s Target One. Curtis Warren is the second son of Curtis Aloysius Warren, a Norwegian Merchant Navy seaman, and Antonia Chantre, the daughter of a shipyard boiler attendant. He grew up in Toxteth, Liverpool, with his older brother Ramon and sister Maria.


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Curtis Warren

Warren was charged by Dutch authorities in February 2005 with running an international drug smuggling cartel from his Dutch prison cell. He was moved around six jails for his own safety during his trial, and he was found guilty but successfully appealed, and he was released in June 2007. After the British, Irish, and Portuguese governments refused Warren a passport, the UK’s Serious Organised Crime Agency tracked his every move as part of a “lifetime offender management” program known as Operation Floss.


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When is Curtis Warren Released?

Curtis Warren, the drug lord, is being prepared for release after serving 14 years in prison. Warren, 58, will be subject to restrictions on any assets worth more than £1,000, despite allegedly having £198 million stashed away. He will also face restrictions on foreign travel, as well as the use of phones, vehicles, and the internet, under a serious crime prevention order. “Many career criminals regard prison as an interruption that rarely marks the end of their involvement in organized crime,” said Alison Abbott of the National Crime Agency.

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