Preston is continuing in his father’s footsteps by attending Princeton University, where his father received his degree in 1986.

Preston is one of four kids; he has two biological brothers and a sister who was adopted.

The Bezos children avoid the spotlight as much as possible, unlike their father, and little is known about their location at the moment.

Additionally, Preston’s birthdate is a mystery.

Preston Bezos’ Net worth

Preston Bezos’ Net worth

Preston was fortunate from birth. His father had a $6 billion net worth by the end of the year he was born, 2000.

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With a net worth of 134.4 billion dollars, Jeff is currently the third-richest person on the planet, and Mackenzie is valued at $32.2 billion.

One of the richest kids on the planet, Preston Bezos, is a given. He has, however, kept a low profile and avoided the spotlight.

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