According to a Santana representative, the 75-year-old suffered from heat exhaustion and dehydration, which brought on the medical incident. He was brought to a nearby hospital for further observation, but according to his representative, he is “doing well.”

What happened to Carlos Santana?

Carlos Santana’s onstage collapse at one of his concerts was a terrifying moment for him and his followers.

A concertgoer tells us that the medical issue occurred Tuesday night while Santana was performing at Pine Knob Music Theater south of Detroit.

According to reports, Santana started singing “Joy” when he was about four or five songs into his set.
We are informed that Santana sat down in front of the drums after realizing something was awry before he passed out.

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After then, other staff members—including EMTs—rushed to his rescue.

As shown in the show’s video, a black tarp was brought out to protect Santana while medics worked on him.

Fortunately, Santana turned around and waved to the audience as he was wheeled off the stage.

Although the reason for Carlos’s fall is now unknown, it seems he was brought to the hospital for more testing.

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