Police won’t confirm whether the rapper was involved in any incidents, and it’s unclear whether Drake is in Sweden to record new music or for personal reasons.

‘#FreeDrake’ trended at the top on Twitter and Instagram after news of the Toronto icon’s detention in Sweden went viral.

Social media rumors about the Grammy-winning rapper who arrived in Sweden on Wednesday, July 13, being detained by law enforcement for marijuana possession went viral.

Speaking of arresting rappers, Atlanta Police detained hip-hop musician Paper Lovee for his alleged participation in a shooting at a convenience store.


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The arrests of other hip-hop musicians like Polo G, Bandman Kevo, and 9lokkNine also made the news.

Instead of feeling sorry for the SpotemGottem, social media users made fun of him after seeing his mugshot, which showed the 20-year-old rap musician with thick dreadlocks.

Was Drake arrested in Sweden?

Drake may have been detained in Sweden, according to several Instagram and Twitter publications. A few journalists, however, confirmed that the allegations were untrue.

Drake’s staff absolutely verified to The Hollywood Reporter that the “One Dance” hitmaker was in his hotel in the Swedish city, which further confirmed the news.

“I just spoke to Swedish police on rumors Drake has been detained in Stockholm,” a senior journalist for The Daily Beast tweeted.


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Police won’t say whether there was an incident involving the musician, but they would say that Drake is NOT in custody.

Drake received a lot of backlash for being detained even though the Internet was swiftly informed that he was not in detention.

It’s unclear whether Drake is in Sweden for professional or private reasons. The acclaimed rapper has not yet addressed the reports of his imprisonment.

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